After is about ……….after the shootings at pleasant valley central high turns into chaos…literally! When the new guidance-crisis counselor comes there are  new rules and regulations with punishments.He also makes some of the students do ridiculous things…like throw a basketball game. Tom the main character does not like this new guidance-crisis counselor and he needs […]

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Heat is a great book for people who like sports. It’s genre is sports realistic fiction. There’s a lot of action, suspense, and humor. If you like sports this is a gnarly book for you. Myles just pointing you out you’ll like this book a lot and who ever likes sports…

0=(::::::THE HUNGER GAMES:::::::::>

This book is awesome, but has a boring beggining, and has a surprising twists into the story. I found that the book contains blood, violence, and  everything I like. It also has some akward parts with Peta and Katniss. I give it a thumbs up. But I still prefer modern day warfare type books. For the simple fact that this […]

Fallen Angels

Summary: This story is about a person named perry who joined the marines. he gos to war and fights aginst the vietmanies.   The genre is historical fictionn because it could happen. Good book for all people who like war books. I liked it because it has all kinds of twists. nathaniel campbell


Stargirl was an magnificent book. It was about a new girl named Stargirl(a nickname) who goes to a new school, after many years of homeschool. A little into the year she becomes a very nice perosn and became very popular, along with meeting a guy named Leo. Some reasons you should read this book is because its […]


   This book is fantastic, it tells you seven different stories in the halo universe. In halo there are different types of aliens, such as grunts that are only 2 feet tall, elites that are 8 to 9 feet tall, and brutes that are 10 to 11 feet tall. I’m in the story Dirt which is about […]

Artemis Fowl the Eternity Code henry

    This story starts when young artemis fowl shows a super computer, called the c cube  to, Jon Spiro. When Artemis demonstrates the c cube to Spiro it accidentaly picks up a satalite of the LEP recon (under ground fairy police). Spiro steals the c cube and Butler (artemis’ body gaurd) gets shot. Will Artemis save Butler? […]