Dear Class,

I just can’t explain the pure joy that rushed through me as I entered into the world of Auggie in this touching, realistic, and human story of a boy who was born with severe and sometimes shocking facial deformities. At age 10, August’s mom decides it’s time for him to enter the “real world” in a neighboring private school. She knows that the social and academic challenges of a new school setting are necessary for his devolopment after years of only being home schooled. Reluctantly, he agrees, and is thrust into the world of cruel 5th & 6th graders, teachers who try (hopelessly) to help adjust, and slowly realizing that people aren’t as easy to understand as you would think.

This book is an incredible testimony to the difficulties of growing up, regardless of the challenges life hands you. In addition, it makes you realize the true importance of kindness. Who can’t use a reminder of that? Auggie, his friends and his sister, Via, narrate the story, giving a true voice to the story that anyone can relate to and fall in love with each character.

This story is a realistic fiction story that teaches you quite a bit about life and growing up, with a great sense of humor. Any reader would enjoy it, boy or girl, of all ages. I promise! Would I lie to you?!


Mrs. Suer



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