Stargirl was a terrific read. It had that classic feel to it. Yeah I know I sounded weird. If you ever want to read Stargirl its about a girl who comes to a school…new kid of course! When she is at the school she meets this guy named Leo. At first she is really nice and thoughful…everybody loved her and then her whole liffe changed once she said 2 words. Reasons you should read this book would be that it is a very moving read and you get done with it quickly. Another reason would be because it has a magnificent plot and storie. The genre of this book would be realistic fiction because it could happen in real life and that would be fantastic! I liked this book because it was a great novel with the details and little suspense in it. Please read this book and I would recommend this book to anyone whoo loves a classic story with a twist and a little bit of l♥ve!

                                                                                                                    -Erin also known as lil nugget or cowlover please call me by either!












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