The kissed by an angel series is about a teenage girl that falls in love with Tristan when suddenley he dies. While being a ghost Tristan has to save Ivy from the one her is trying to kill her. Right when he found her he has to choose to save her and never see her again or DIE! It really is a spendid read…HAHA I sound like a british person! Reasons You should read this book  becaus eit has a great plot and is very suspensful. It also has r♥mance! THe genre for this book would be fantasy because we can’t see ghosta and ghosts can’t talk to us! If anything about ghosta were out of that story than it would be realistic fiction.I liked this book because I like r♥mance novels but not to r♥mancy!!! I also liked it because it made me want to read all of them.It has a very suspenseful dialogue and a creative mind in the work of all three of these books…I sound geeky… a geeky british person.There are three books in one…Kissed by an angel, THe power of love, and Soulmates. If you want to read this series please ask me [Erin] because this book is not Mrs. Suer/Mrs. Mitchell! Please leave a comment!

                                                                                                                    -Lil nugget,cowlover, or Erin

p.s. I just found out when I was searching these pictures that there is 2 more books after the book I just wrote about!!!  😦








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