Out of My Mind

           Out of My Mind is about a girl, Melody, who has Cerebal Palsy. Her disease limits her body, but not her mind. she gets very frusterated because she can’t talk. She finally fouind a machine called a Medi-Talker. This helps her say everything that has been crammed into her mind for years.

           I liked this book because it helped me to better understand people with disabilities.  This book went into detail about all of the limitations someone with Cerebal Palsy has. We don’t really think about the limitations disabled pepole have because we don’t have those limitations.

           The genre of Out of My Mind is realistic fiction because this disease is a real disease and everything that happens in the story could actually happen. The one thing that makes it fiction is thatall of the characters are made up.

           This is a good book for both boys and girls and anyone wo likes realistic fiction.



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