Stargirl was an magnificent book. It was about a new girl named Stargirl(a nickname) who goes to a new school, after many years of homeschool. A little into the year she becomes a very nice perosn and became very popular, along with meeting a guy named Leo. Some reasons you should read this book is because its a cute loves story, and you get sucked into the book and your done in a day or two. I liked this book because it had lots of Wow moments for me and it I enjoy love stories. The genre of this book would be realistic fiction because its lots of the things in this book could happen in real life, and has probably already happend in alot of schools. I recomend this book to people who enjoy a mystery and a love story. Hope to see you read this book. You’ll love it! I did.






One thought on “Stargirl-Hayley

  1. i know right i love this book i know you probably didn’t like it as much as I did …I loved the porcupine necktie should have read the last part it would have became way more understanding haha! 🙂

    -cowlover,airbear,lil nugget,and erin

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