An Abundace of Katherines

    You are flung into the prodigy’s world of Collin Singleton, a boy who has won awards, game shows, and dated 19 girls with the name of Katherine. His latest Katherine has just dumped him, and that is where the story begins. He talks his friend Hassan into going on a road trip, and while on the road, they are stopped by the Archduke’s grave. in Gutshot Tennsassee. While there, they meet a wonderful girl who goes by the name ‘Lindsey’, a ‘people magazine’ person. While you read this book, you will travel with Collin Singleton through the angsty life of a teenage prodigy, creating a theurom, and possibly figuring out the whole history behind the Archduke’s grave!

   The Genre of this book would be realistic fiction, and as you can tell, it is a big jump from Fantasy to this! I really enjoyed this book for the mass of large vocabulary the writer uses, how much i can actually relate to the protaganist, and how dynamic the characters are. I would suggest this /wonderful/ book to anyone who has the slightest bit of enjoyment for funny and quirky books.

   You’ll ‘fugging’ love it. (That does relate to the story, so do not freak out.)

With disdain,

Madison Kylie Speaks 


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