You enter the life of a magnificently unique person who goes by the name ‘Stargirl’, who has been homeschooled her whole life, actually! She at first is both admired and placed on a high pedestool for how eclectic she is. Being different from everyone has both it’s advantages and disadvantages .. and sadly, Stargirl must face that. Within a week, she is on the cheerleader’s team, rooting for both teams, with really russles quite a few of the school’s attendies jimmies.

   I personally enjoyed this book for how humorous it was, how I could once again, relate to the protaganist, and how the ending is so mysterious. I feel this story’s genre would be fiction, because let us be honest, what school would allow a girl to carry a rat around and play the ukele in the cafeteria? I suggest this book to anyone who likes silly things, and who is looking for a quick read.

With disdain, once more,

Madison Kylie Speaks.


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