Between shades of gray-Airbear♥

Between shades of gray was a tremendous read! This book is about a girl named Lina who get’s arrested in the middle of the night.THey get transferred on trains and end for Siberia.On the way she has to deal with alot of other people,starvation, and dirtiness! They took her family but her dad seperatley so she draws messages for him.Reasons you should read this would be because it has a creative dialogue and lots of suspense. It reminds me of a historical genre which it is. Even though you don’t like historical this book would have to be the most close to realistic and historical. I liked this book because it has a twist feel to it that makes you want  to read further. See once I hit a spot in the book I couldn’t stop reading it. It has creativity and a moving plot.Please leave a comment!



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