Lighting Thief~Becka Brown

The book Lighting Thief is about a boy named Percy Jackson who is mom and dad are devised. His mom is human and his dad is a Greek god. So Percy is a half-blood. So one day Percy and his mom went to the Long Island Beach house that they use to rent every summer. The night that they got there, there was a bad storm so then his mom told him to get in the car, because she was taking him to half Blood Camp. Right before they got to camp there was a thing called a moator. So Percy had to fight it, when he  was fighting it it killed his mom. Percy went to the camp to learn how to fight like a man. Percy has been given a quest to get the mater bolt and the helmet from the underworld. Reasons why I like this book is, because it’s full of action. Also if you like  a story about Greek gods. The genre of this book is fantasy, because there  not a Camp Half-Blood in Long Island, and  there are no  monsters.Anybody  who likes reading about Greek gods, fantasy about monsters and fighting. 


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