Seekers~ Becka Brown

The first book of Seekers is called The Quest Begins. This book is about three bears who are traveling to a land with nothing but food. The three bears are all the bears in the world, polar bear, brown bear, and the black bear. In the beginning of this book it was confessing I want to but the book down, but I  thought about it, I kept going! The Brown bear, Toklo he likes to be the leader.  Ujurak is also a brown bear, it is my favorite bear! He can change into different kinds of animals. Lusa is the black bear she loves to climb in trees and to help them find there way. And last Kallik is a polar bear she has a brother and a  mom, but her mother died when they were travling her brother and her got sapered when that happened. If you like books about animal and them surving. The genre is fantasy, beause the bears think humans are flat-faces, there and blackpathes, firebeast. i thin kanybody who likes reading about animals teavling aroud the world.


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