Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer- Myles Beast Johnson

Dear Mrs. Suer,

Strattenburg’s biggest criminal trial in a while drew a lot of attention, and the township largely suspected the defendant was guilty. He was charged with murdering his wife, but the lack of direct evidence created a problem for the prosecutor. Indeed, it seemed almost the perfect murder. Things were going so well for Pete Duffy, the defendant, that he was almost confident of acquittal. The protagonist is the last chance for the prosecution to salvage their case and get the conviction.

Theodore Boone grew up an only child with two lawyers as parents. The husband and wife team make up the firm of Boone & Boone and have raised Theodore, who is extremely law savvy and good with people, and who knows most of the legal sector in the town. He is on speaking-terms with the criminal judge and has a reputation amongst his classmates for solving day-to-day legal problems. this is a realistic fiction.


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