Walk Two Moons

                                     Walk Two Moons is this wonderful story about a girl who is going on search to look for her mom. As she is driving with her grandparent she is telling a story about what has happened to her from when she moved to Ohio from Tennesee she tells the story up to when the left Ohio.They arrive to Montana on time for Sal’s mother’s birthday She made a new friend that thinks there is a maniac that is stalking them when he comes to look for her friends mother.As her granparents and her are in motana something unexspectedly happens to her grandmother.

                        The reasons i would recconmend it to someone is because this book is wonderful.Once i started reading it I couldnt stop the book was really good and interesting.

                         The genre of this book is realistic fiction.

                          I would reccondmend this book to anyone that enjoy’s a good story.


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