Hot Topics and Peace Issues

Today in the lab, your job is just to get your feet wet with some lovely nonfiction current event issues related to the world around us. You will skim and read and peruse the web, using my helpful list below. Please read around for awhile before selecting the best article, that really grabs you, to print and use for your first article selection. We’ll use our reading strategies:

– stop at point of confusion – add a ?

– highlight unfamiliar vocabulary and work to ID their meanings

– highlight, star, or underline the most important parts of the text


Great Websites to Explore:


By Topics:

School of the Americas:



–        AIDS/HIV in Africa



–        female empowerment in Africa


–        men and women’s roles in families/society in Africa


–        child soldiers in Africa


–        war in Africa


–        poor educational achievement in Africa


–        food and clean water access in Africa







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