Wonder R.J. Palacio

Wonder is about this kid named August who has a face deformation. He is a fifth grader at Beech Prep Elementary. He has several friends named Summer, Justin, Via, who is Augusts sister, Jack , and many others! During this whole book, August (Auggie) is trying to tell everyone that he might have some kind […]

Romiette and Julio By: sharon M Draper

The book “Romiette and Julio” is a realistic fiction book about how despite these two teenagers being from two completely different backgrounds, Julio being Mexican and Romiette being African-American. Local gangbangers are willing to whatever it takes to stop them from being together. Romiette and Julio are just as willing to stay together. Want to […]

Diary of a wimpy by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a wimpy kid series is funny and intriguing and fun for  all people Rodrick is the mean older brother and also he has a little brother Manny he call Greg Bubby in the middle of church ,Also Greg has a crush on a girl named Holly Hills.Also he thinks him and Holly hills […]

Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

This book stats out with a giant flying warship flying over New Rome. Probably the best beginning ever in book history. In the third book in stellar series, Heroes of Olympus, our favorite heroes take on a bigger badder enemy. It is unlike anything  they’ve faced before. As Annebeth continues to follow the Mark of Athena, our […]

The Matched Trilogy by Ally Condle

The Matched Trilogy is a great and amazing dystopian book.The books’ main setting is in a place called the Society where people are controled completely by the government. The government chooses what age you’ll die, who you’ll marry, and what your job will be. It tells of a girl named Cassia that is 17 and finally gets […]

Tears of a Tiger by:Sharon M.Draper

This book is about how teenagers overcome a sudden death in there school. This sudden death was caused by drunk driving and when the car slammed into a bridge the car burned to flames, every body else was saved except for Rob, who was killed who was killed, but thats not all while he was burning alive Andy (another main character) stood […]

the HEX HALL series

The book title is called the hex hall series and it is by Rachel Hawkins and the Genre is a fantasy. this series is about witches, demons, and fairies. it is just like Charmed but with fairies instead of white lighters. this series would be great for people who like fantasy stories. BY: ICELY DOYON

13 gifts by Wendy Mass

This book starts out like all good stories, with a goat. To try to become popular Tara try’s to steal a stuffed goat and ends up pepper spraying the principle.  As punishment, her mom sends her to Willow falls for the summer so instead of getting go to Madagascar she is stuck with her 11 year […]

The Fault In Our Stars ~ John Green

This book is absolutely AMAZING, if you have not read it you have not lived. The story is about 16 year old Hazel going to ” a useless support group”. But it is there, where she meets her soulmate. Agustus Waters, the athletic, one-legged, handsome boy. Hazel trys to stop herself from falling in love, but […]