Lost Hero by Rick Riordan

In this book there are 3 kids that have special abilities. Jason is a son of Zeus, one of the 3 demigod children. The other 2 kids are Piper a daughter of Aphrodite and the Leo a son of Hephaestus. They are on a quest to get Piper’s father back and free the captured goddess Hera. The last thing they try to find on the quest is Jason’s memory. The giants were the only ones that almost destroyed the gods and demigods. They are now becoming freed. Will the demigods and gods be able to stop the giants and Gaea?

I believe that anybody would enjoy this if they like Rick Riordan. I think this because he has a little bit of everything in his books. He has a great humor, interesting suspicion, and last good action. The genre of this book is mythical and fantasy. The other writer and book I recommend is Walter Dean Myers, Slam. 

Joseph Battles 🙂


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