Tears of a Tiger by:Sharon M.Draper

This book is about how teenagers overcome a sudden death in there school. This sudden death was caused by drunk driving and when the car slammed into a bridge the car burned to flames, every body else was saved except for Rob, who was killed who was killed, but thats not all while he was burning alive Andy (another main character) stood and watched him die.  Soon  after this tragic accident he soon learns who his real friends are and whos always going to be there for him,but because of stress he just might loose every thing. This book is great because it suits all of my interests and i just think its a fanominal book. also this book is realistic fiction. I found this book in mrs.suer library and i heard about how good it was.

This book would be great for boys and girls all ages but be carefull if your emotional because if you are your going to need some tissuis. The next book i would like to read is the “Alice” series.
BY:Ariel Sutton 😉 🙂


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