Wonder R.J. Palacio

Wonder is about this kid named August who has a face deformation. He is a fifth grader at Beech Prep Elementary. He has several friends named Summer, Justin, Via, who is Augusts sister, Jack , and many others! During this whole book, August (Auggie) is trying to tell everyone that he might have some kind of weird facial problem but, he really is still just an ordinary kid!

The genre of this book is non-ficton or realistic-fiction because it really could happpen to someone. It also could be non-fiction because this is really true. It always couldd happen to someone! You never know!

It is a great book because it gives so much detail. Every single sentence I would say there would be two to three good supporting details. It also just always just keeps dragging you more and more into the book.

People who would like this book would probably people that like really sad books. I would recal this book as sad because it really gives some really good details espically when they are talking about his face.

Right now, I am really, really excited about reading a book called “Body bags”. It is a really scary looking book and people who like scary and mystery book would definetly like this book!

By: Caroline Downs ❤ 😉


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