The Search for WondLa By Tony Diterizzi

In this book you would found many fantastic thing that you have never seen. Eva, a human and the main character, was raise by a robot name Muthr. However she never knew who was her parent. Eva have always live in a sanctuary since she was a kid and had never meet another human so she believe that above to the […]

Child called “It” by Dave pelzer

                                      The Lost Boy By Dave James Pelzer   I Believe the lost boy is a great read for readers with strong stomachs. It’s a autobioghaphy .It’s by Dave James Pelzer. It is about a boy who over came the abuse of his mother rath.The author is the mane charactar .He is saved by his teacher who […]

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Eragon is a book full of emotion. It is about a 16 year old boy name Eragon who does not know his father and a mother who either dead or missing. He is a boy who lives with his uncle, aunt, and cousin.  Eragon wake up each morning to hunt food for their poor family for he is loyal, […]

child called it by david pelzer

david is a abused child that has to do slave work for the smallet morsel of food. He is beaten senseless every night and He is starved intil the point of dry heves. It is great because of the action and sapence. you will have to be one that does not quinge over blood and […]

Monster By Walter Dean Myers

Monster is about a kid who’s sixteen in a Juvenile detention on trial for murder. The genre of this book is realistic fiction because this really didn’t happened but it can. This book is so great because it falls in the book genres i like. Some one who will like this book will have to like […]

A Child Called “IT”

This it about a child called it.If you cry easy you might need tissues next to you for this book. A child called IT is a great book. It is about a kid and his name is “IT”.His mother always abuses him for not doing chores,getting burnt on the stove,he gets a poopy diper put […]