Miss Peragines home for pecular children By Ransom Riggs

Our story starts when Jacobs grandfather is murdered, or as the police call it, ” something you can’t explain”. But Jacob knows the truth from the stories his grandfather Abe told him, there are monsters in the world, kidnapping and murdering strange or “pecular” children. Jacob only knows that the first 25 years of Abes life are a mystery, so he is determined to find out. His father and him fly out to where Abe might have lived at one time. And as Jacob is walking through the forest a tunnel is suddenly there, taking him to the place of flying girls, invisible people and a firery girl with a sad and dark secret.
Anyone who likes fantasy novels wil LOVE this book. it has all that you need, love, suspense, and monsters. So it is great for both boys and girls! This book wil please you foever!
~ Addy ♥


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