The Search for WondLa By Tony Diterizzi

In this book you would found many fantastic thing that you have never seen. Eva, a human and the main character, was raise by a robot name Muthr. However she never knew who was her parent. Eva have always live in a sanctuary since she was a kid and had never meet another human so she believe that above to the ground there will be humans. Eve had believe that there is humans ever since she find a picture of a girl, a robot, a adult, and the word WondLa on it. When a intruder came into her sanctuary, she have to escape leaving Muthr behind. When she is on the ground, she find no humans. Eva is on a journey to find human kinds and to escape the intruder. Just when Eva is about to give up about finding humans the most amazing thing happen.   

I like the book because I don’t like science fiction however this book is a science fiction and I really like it. This book make me like a new genre. This book is also complimented by Rick Riordon(author of the Lighting Theif) and Susan Collins(author of the Hunger Game). If you like science fiction or adventures book you would like this book. If you like Rick Riordon books, you would like this book. Boys and girls can read the book. On my books to read list I have The Hero for WondLa because this book is a series.



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