Book Quarterly Blog Post

Hello Readers,

For this quarter’s final reading assignments, you had to do two things:


formulate a wonderful letter to an author whom you LOVE (7th)


prepare a book talk which addresses all of the guidelines on the assignment sheet (6th)


Post on the blog about your favorite book you read this quarter.

If you choose to post more than once, that will be bonus!

When you post:

Include a tantalizing at least one paragraph summary that does not give away any spoilers.

Include what readers might like this book – either compare it to another series/book/TV show or discuss the interests that you may have if this is your “cup of tea.”

Include the title and author’s name.

Include a tag for the genre of your book.

Sign your work, so I can give you credit. (duh!)


In the novel The Book Thief… 


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