My favorite book I have read this quarter is Perfect by Ellen Hopkins. Perfect is about teenagers that will do absolutely anything to be perfect.  The books point of views are from Kendra, a girl who will do anything, no matter how many calories she has to cut out of her diet, to be a model, Andre, who will go against his parent’s orders and do anything to be able to dance, Sean, who will take and do anything to be the best at his sport, and Cara, who will do anything to be the best and smartest at her school.  As these teenagers struggle to be the absolute best, they realize who they really are. All of the characters are related in some way, Sean is Cara’s boyfriend, Cara is a friend of Kendra, and Andre is Kendra’s sister’s boyfriend. To see these teenagers make mistakes, it shows how making the wrong decisions can honestly tear your life apart. Kendra, Cara, Andre, and Sean will all realize in this story that no one is perfect.  Perfect would be for girls and boys who like realistic fiction. The books genre is realistic fiction. The book reminds me of another book by the author, Tilt. The book Perfect will make you laugh and cry, it is one of my favorite books I have ever read. 

  -Spencer Moss


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