House of Hades Book Review

This quarter the best book I have read is “House of Hades” by Rick Riordan. It is the best because the  author keeps you in suspense the entire time. The book starts out with a crossroads. Hazel is forced to choose the way they will go, and if she chooses the wrong one, they all die. Annabeth and Percy are trying to fight their way out of Tartarus, with only a giant named Bob to help them. Leo finds out about a whole new emotion, and it’s love. Jason finds out and unbearable secret about Nico. And if he tells a soul, even a dead one, he will pay with his life. Frank, the one who thought he was useless, finds an entire new side of him, and he’s not sure if he likes it. Piper finds out that if she wants to, she can command a metal dragon with nothing but words. This crew of 8 VERY diffrent individuals balance each other  out. And if they all work together, they just might make it.

~Addy Turner♥


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