Runaway Twin

My author is Peg Kehert and she wrote the book that i’m going to talk about today. this book is realistic fiction, because this could happen even though it would be odd it could happen. This book is about two twins that got separated. there names were sunny and star. Star is having a happy life with her family and is living with both foster parents, however sunny is being bounced around foster homes. Although theres a reason to the problem she is a runner she runs away from every foster home that she had ever lived in. Well that was until she moved in with Rita, Rita is the only other person that would take her. Sunny was going to runaway from Rita but she felt something diffrent about her she saw that Rita actually cared about her. However she saw that in Rita she still was still determined to runaway and find her sister you want to know what happends to sunny do you want to know if she gets kicked out of Rita’s house or if she would do just about anything to find her. Personnally i think you should read this book because it has twists and turns and it keeps you interested. -Ariel Sutton 😉


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