Burned- Logan Moss

Burned is about a girl named Pattyn. She is sixteen and doesn’t like her family. Her father is controlling and mean, but her mother lets him get away with it. She begins hanging out with people that they don’t like and doing things that they don’t like. Her dad decides that she should go and stay with her Aunt Jeanette. So, he drives her three hours away to the middle of nowhere. However, Pattyn loves it. She is glad to be away from her controlling parents and she is glad to be with her cool Aunt Jeanette. She learns new things, like riding horses and planting flowers. She learns how to cook. Best of all, she meets Ethan. They immediately fall in love. She knows what is going to happen though, she would have to go back home when the summer was over and they would never see each other again. So, they spent every moment of the summer together. When she was forced to go back home, the place that she dreaded, she had to leave him. He had to go to college. Before she left, her Aunt J gave her a cellphone and told her to call her whenever she was needed. Pattyn did exactly that, but she also used the phone to talk to Ethan. They had a long distance relationship, however things don’t always go how they are planned.


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