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Vanished Book 1 and 2

My favorite book this year is Vanished book 1 and 2. I recommend this book because it shows some obstacles people may face in life, even though you probably wouldn’t get superpowers from lightning. Jess still goes through a rough time in her life. She is dealing with bullies she falls in love with a […]

Found by Margaret Peterson Haddix

This is based on 2 kids who are getting mysterious letters from somebody saying “You are one of them”. They then tried to figure out who had sent them. They finally got somebody who had witnessed something they were talking about. So one day they visited that person at the library and their lives changed […]

Panic Isabella Rosales

The best book that i have read these few weeks of school would have to be Panic. Panic is about a girl named Diamond has been kidnapped by a man named Thane, who has been watching her in the mall. Diamond is a dancer so when she finds out that “Than is like a director” she really wants […]

Twelfth Grade Kills

I recommend Twelfth Grade Kills because the author wrote it in a way that makes you feel like you are in the story. The whole time that you’re reading the story you can picture what’s going on in your head. There’s also a lot of secrets that get uncovered in the book. Every time I […]

Burned- Logan Moss

Burned is about a girl named Pattyn. She is sixteen and doesn’t like her family. Her father is controlling and mean, but her mother lets him get away with it. She begins hanging out with people that they don’t like and doing things that they don’t like. Her dad decides that she should go and […]

The Circle Opens

This boy named Pasco lives in the time of nights and kings and queens. But he learns that he has magic powers . And needs to use them to save his village and over throw the king. But he doesn’t have alot of time to lean how to use them. And to figure out if […]