Between shades of grey

Between shades of grey is by: Ruta Sepetys. This book is about a family who gets taken away by the NKVD officers, which take them away to a German camp. They are there because they are Jewish! During the whole book, you will see how they live at the camp and how they struggle to stay alive. I recommend this book to all readers who love World War ll or Holocaust books. Also, sad and depressing would also fall into the book. I also recommend this book because it is very descriptive! It gives lots of detail and i really think all middle-class readers will love it!!

Caroline Downs


The Maze Runner

This book starts out with a chilling start with Thomas in a cold dark box. When he finally wakes up he is greeted with the land of the Glade. He meets his first friend Chuck and his story starts up there. You’ll like this book if you enjoy sitting on the edge of your seat just dying to know what happens next. I’m sure it will keep you guessing what will happen next. The author’s name is James Dashner. The genre of this book is many of the genres. Because the Creators, the Grievers, some Gladers, and even their own minds are out to get them.

Written by: Cole Stevenson

House of Hades Book Review

This quarter the best book I have read is “House of Hades” by Rick Riordan. It is the best because the  author keeps you in suspense the entire time. The book starts out with a crossroads. Hazel is forced to choose the way they will go, and if she chooses the wrong one, they all die. Annabeth and Percy are trying to fight their way out of Tartarus, with only a giant named Bob to help them. Leo finds out about a whole new emotion, and it’s love. Jason finds out and unbearable secret about Nico. And if he tells a soul, even a dead one, he will pay with his life. Frank, the one who thought he was useless, finds an entire new side of him, and he’s not sure if he likes it. Piper finds out that if she wants to, she can command a metal dragon with nothing but words. This crew of 8 VERY diffrent individuals balance each other  out. And if they all work together, they just might make it.

~Addy Turner♥

Runaway Twin

My author is Peg Kehert and she wrote the book that i’m going to talk about today. this book is realistic fiction, because this could happen even though it would be odd it could happen. This book is about two twins that got separated. there names were sunny and star. Star is having a happy life with her family and is living with both foster parents, however sunny is being bounced around foster homes. Although theres a reason to the problem she is a runner she runs away from every foster home that she had ever lived in. Well that was until she moved in with Rita, Rita is the only other person that would take her. Sunny was going to runaway from Rita but she felt something diffrent about her she saw that Rita actually cared about her. However she saw that in Rita she still was still determined to runaway and find her sister you want to know what happends to sunny do you want to know if she gets kicked out of Rita’s house or if she would do just about anything to find her. Personnally i think you should read this book because it has twists and turns and it keeps you interested. -Ariel Sutton 😉

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” is a wonderful realistic fiction book, about four girls, Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and Bridget. They have been friends their whole lives and have never spent longer than a week apart from each other. Even though they will be split up all over the country (Lena is going to Greece) they find a “magical” pair of pants that fits all of their completely different shapes and sizes. to keep them connected they make a lis of rules on how to keep the pants sacred. the Pants spends two weeks with the girls to have something exciting happen to them while they’re wearing them and then the Pants are passed on to the next girl. I recommend this to any girl who likes realistic fiction with lots of exciting surprises.


By: Invictus Weaver

Big Time

I recommend you to read this book because it is really good. It is about this kid who plays football. He is trying to help his team to get to playoffs. It is hard for him because his step dad drinks and his real dad and mom had a divorce so he has to deal with all of that stuff. His real dad want a relation ship with him but he doesn’t want one so he has to deal with that to. If you read it you will figure out hat happens.



I am reading scorpions by Walter Dean Myers. Its about a boy name Jamal who is doing anything he can to help his mom to get the money to pay for his brothers lawyer. Jamal is not the best student when it comes to school he’s always getting in trouble or in fights. Jamal’s brother is one of the leaders of a gang called scorpions, Jamal is thinking of joining the gang and work for them so he can get the money for his brothers lawyer.

Because of Mr. Terupt

Because of Mr. Terupt” is a surprising book, that never tells you details of whats going to happen next. The book is about a 5th grade class who gets a new teacher. He is fun but mysterious at the same time. When they do great in school they get a award for it. when they finally reach the floor with there good behavior rings they get rewarded by Mr. Terupt. They go outside to play in the snow when Peter gets mad and launches a snow ball, that who knows what it will hit. It finally reached something, Mr. Terupt.  Mr. Terupt went right into a coma. Everyone Stayed together to help Mr. Terupt. find out what happens in the book Because of Mr. Terupt  You will either cry joy tears or sad tears, you will never forget this book. The book is depressing, happy, and is a miracle. If you read “Because of Mr. Terupt” I recommend reading”Mr. Terupt Falls Again“. I also recommend this book to all students and adults.

Payton Brown

Princess in waiting

One of the many books I have read this quarter is Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot. In this book the main character Mia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo is waiting to return to her home in Manhattan. She starts the book in Genovia which is a small European principality where she is unable to fond to find time to contact her friends and family back in Manhattan. This book is in first person, from Mia’s point of view, and it takes place while Mia is fourteen years old and on her winter break from her freshman year of high school.  This book is a realistic fiction novel because it could happen but it hasn’t and it is very unlikely that it will ever happen. Some readers might like this book because the author (Meg Cabot) relates to the normal life of a high schooler while at the same time telling the life story of a very not normal high school girl slash princess. It truly is a good book and the best part is: it’s the fourth book in a twelve book series!

        –Aurora Scott